The Library provides a copy machine in the Circulation Office for academic and administrative departments to make photocopies of materials that may not be taken from the Library, or for materials that are to be put on course reserve.

Faculty members and their graduate assistants must PRINT the date, department name, number of copies, and their name in the FACULTY COPIES NOTEBOOK next to the copier in the Circulation Office. Departments will be charged at the rate of $.05 per copy.

If, at the end of the 12-month contract year, the number of administrative copies exceeds 60,000, the departments will be charged for copies made during the year.

Microfilm copies will be charged back to departments at the rate of $.10 per copy. Reference librarians will make sure charge slips are filled out for microfilm copies.

The Library must also pay for all copies made by Library staff over 60,000 copies. Each Library department head must monitor use of the copy machines by their staff members to make sure no unauthorized copies are made and that the total number of Library copies does not exceed 60,000.