Study and viewing rooms are for academic purposes only. This includes group work and media viewing for courses. Rooms on the fourth and fifth floors are equipped with VHS/DVD/CD playback equipment and may be used to view the Library's media collection.

Auditions, rehearsals, film shoots, and departmental and organizational meetings are not permitted. To request other spaces on campus, use SpaceBook.


Making a Reservation

You may reserve one study and viewing room per day for up to two hours at a time and up to two weeks in advance. Reservations may be made at the Service Desk, by phone at 617-824-8668, or by using SpaceBook online.

Dry-erase markers, Erasers, Keys & Remote Controls

  • Dry-erase markers and erasers are available for check-out at the Service Desk.
  • Keys and remote controls to unlock the media cabinets in the fourth and fifth floor study rooms are available for check-out at the Service Desk.
  • These items must be returned on time and before the library on the third floor closes for the evening. Failure to do so will result in a fine of $1 per hour.


  • Please keep the study rooms neat and return all furniture to its proper place.
  • If you engage in destructive or disruptive behavior, you will be asked to leave the study room.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for your study room reservation, we reserve the right to check the room out to another party.
  • If you are using a room someone else has reserved in advance, you must leave when that person arrives.