I. Circulation and Scheduling

The Teaching Video Collection circulates to instructors for class use or for preview. Videos for class may be borrowed by instructors or their representatives (for example, a student enrolled in a class or a graduate assistant), but the instructor must call or email ahead of time to authorize the representative. Students may borrow these materials for class presentations only, and must have authorization from their instructor.

Teaching Collection videos can be scheduled by calling the Library service desk at 617-824-8668, or by sending an email to the media librarian.

Audio CDs follow the same loan policies as books. DVDs in the Beebe Circulating Video Collection can be borrowed for seven days, by all patrons. A maximum of three DVDs can be borrowed at one time.

II. Individual Viewing Rooms

Ten viewing study rooms, equipped with VHS/DVD/CD playback, are available for viewing or listening to materials in the Media Collection. Rooms can accommodate small groups of up to six people. See the study room policy for more information.

III. Reserves

Faculty may put media materials on reserve for in-house use by their students. We offer two types of reserves:

Closed reserves: Reserves items from the Teaching collection for a specific time, preventing them from circulating outside the Library, ensuring that they are available for student viewing. Request that items be put on reserve by calling 617-824-8668 or by visiting the Library service desk in person.

Personal collection reserves: Instructors may place their own media materials on reserve by coming to the Library service desk to fill out reserve forms and drop off the materials.