Entrance Health Requirements

Incoming students must complete an electronic medical history and submit immunizations online via the student health portal. A health hold will remain on a student’s record until full compliance is met, preventing a student from applying for or changing classes.

  • Fall Admission: July 1

  • Spring Admission: January 4

To begin classes, and/or move into the residence halls, students must:

Register and log onto student health portal to:

  • Complete the Emerson College Medical History section online
  • Provide verification of immunizations specified in the Pre-Entrance Health Requirements [per Commonwealth of Massachusetts regulation (105 CMR 220.600)]
  • Complete the Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Questionnaire online

Does this apply to me?

The following Emerson students are subject to the pre-entrance health requirements policy:

  • Full-time undergraduate and graduate students
  • Part-time undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the Communication Sciences and Disorders program
  • Any full or part-time student on a visa

Immunization Exemptions

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts allows for the following exemptions to the immunization regulation:

  • Students with a medical condition preventing immunization, documented by a clinician on the medical exemption form
  • Students with a sincere religious belief that conflicts with immunization must complete the Religious Exemption Form. Students with religious exemptions are not exempt from the Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Questionnaire or tuberculosis skin test, if necessary. ***

***Please note: In situations when cases of a vaccine-preventable or communicable disease are discovered on campus, all students without evidence of immunity, including those with medical or religious exemptions, are subject to physical exclusion from campus at their own expense. Non-immunized students must leave residence halls and cannot attend classes until the quarantine is called off, to prevent a public outbreak. We cannot make exceptions in this situation, per the Reportable Diseases and Isolation and Quarantine Requirements (105 CMR 300.000).

Immunization Extensions

For immunizations requiring multiple doses, all vaccines must be taken. The CHW will provide an extension for students currently in the process of a vaccine course. The extension will end on the date when the next vaccine is due.

For example: If you get your 2nd Hepatitis B shot and need to wait 4 months before you get your 3rd shot, we will provide you a 4 month extension, until that date. Then, the 3rd vaccine will be required.

We regret that we cannot give out immunization extensions for matters of student inconvenience.