No student may solicit for money, sell or offer for sale, or promote the sale of goods or services by any person, student organization, or company on College property or using College resources including, but not limited to, residence hall rooms or addresses, Emerson College telephone numbers, Emerson IDs, or computer networks or equipment. This policy does not preclude an individual student from selling a personal item (e.g., used textbook, used musical instrument) from time to time as long as the sale does not violate any institutional policy.

The College may make limited exceptions to this policy for recognized student organizations raising money for the organizations or for a registered charity in accordance with the College’s fundraising policy so long as all the funds raised go to an organization or charity and none are retained for personal benefit. The written permission of the associate dean of students is required for all solicitations and sales.

The sale of ANY food by student organizations (recognized or unrecognized) is prohibited.  Any food given away must be prepared in commercial grade kitchens and/or those kitchens inspected by the Boston Health Department.