Updated November 2019

Please remember that as an Emerson College intern you are representing the College and all of its constituents, in addition to demonstrating your own ability and professional identity. Emerson College imposes the following understandings and obligations on students who are engaged in an internship arrangement. Within this document, “Intern” also refers to students participating in a Professional Development Experience (PDE).

  1. The Emerson College Student Code of Conduct is in effect and applies to students while serving as interns.
  2. Interns are expected to abide by the host organization’s employee manual, code of conduct, or similar standards (including dress code) that apply to interns and/or employees at the site.
  3. Interns must act in a professional and ethical manner including being punctual, dressing appropriately, fulfilling commitments, meeting deadlines, and maintaining a cooperative attitude.
  4. Interns understand that permissible absences from the internship site include attending internship class meetings, illness, and serious circumstances, and that they will notify their employers in a timely manner should these situations occur. Attending to another academic or co-curricular responsibilities are not a legitimate excuse for absence.
  5. Students will not use drugs or alcohol when serving as interns.
  6. Interns will report changes of work schedule, supervision, or other information recorded on the internship/PDE Experience proposal to the Emerson College Departmental Internship Coordinator of their respective department.
  7. Interns must maintain confidentiality of any information gained regarding the host organization’s clients, projects, work, and personnel. Additionally, interns will respect copyright laws and intellectual property rights.
  8. Interns understand that information about the host organization should not be broadcast in public spaces, including online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites, or message boards without expressed written authorization of the host supervisor.
  9. Interns will not conduct personal business activities during the internship hours, including homework, personal phone calls, browsing the internet, or accessing personal email accounts.
  10. Interns understand that up to 25% of the internship hours may involve clerical work and will maintain a cooperative attitude while completing such tasks.
  11. Interns will communicate in an appropriate and tactful manner, especially when expressing ideas or requesting additional responsibilities and projects.
  12. Interns will seek feedback from supervisors, accept suggestions and constructive criticism, and strive to improve performance.
  13. Interns must immediately report to the Departmental Internship Coordinator any concerns about an internship placement, including requests to engage in unethical or illegal activities, exposure to sexual harassment, discrimination or unsafe situations, or any other circumstances that create an uncomfortable environment for the intern.

Interns recognize that the College and/or employer have the right to terminate the internship experience at any time if it is deemed by Emerson College or the host organization that the intern has violated the code of conduct or otherwise negatively compromised the internship program and/or host organization. Termination may result in a failing grade and/or loss of academic credit.