The use or possession of firearms or other dangerous weapons on College property or at any College-sponsored event is specifically forbidden.


Please note that Massachusetts general laws Chapter 269: Section 10, Paragraph J states: “Whoever, not being a law enforcement officer and notwithstanding any license obtained by him under the provisions of chapter one hundred and forty, carries on his person a firearm as hereinafter defined, loaded or unloaded or other dangerous weapon in any building or on the grounds of any elementary or secondary school, college or university without the written authorization of the board or officer in charge of such elementary or secondary school, college or university, shall be punished by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars or by imprisonment for not more than one year, or both. For the purpose of this paragraph, ‘firearm’ shall mean any pistol, revolver, rifle or smoothbore arm from which a shot, bullet or pellet can be discharged by whatever means.”

For further information regarding what the Commonwealth considers dangerous weapons, see Massachusetts general laws at


Please note that California Penal Code section 626.9,states: “any person who brings or possesses a firearm upon the grounds of a private university or college campus, or any property owned or operated by a private university or college without written permission, is subject to felony arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment for one, two, or three years, and up to four years for a loaded firearm.

Please note that California Penal Code section 626.10(b) states: “any person that brings or possesses any dirk, dagger, ice pick, or knife having a fixed blade longer than 2 1/2 inches upon the ground of any private university is guilty of a public offense, punishable by imprisonment by a county jail not exceeding one year, or as a felony imprisonment of one or two years.

Please note that California Penal Code section 16590 prohibits: “the possession of many weapons including: undetectable firearms, cane guns, wallet guns, zip guns, belt buckle knives, blackjacks, billys, nunchaku, shuriken, and metal knuckles. Violations are punishable by imprisonment in a county jail or in the state prison.” There are special exceptions when a firearm or other weapon may be authorized. For more information on California laws, visit California Legislative Information.

Prop Weapons

Possession of realistic replicas of firearms or other dangerous weapons are also prohibited on Emerson property or at Emerson-sponsored events (e.g., film shoots, performances) other than when being employed during a College-sanctioned rehearsal or production. Recognized student organizations must receive prior approval for use of such props from the associate dean of students or his or her designee. All theatre based student groups seeking approval for prop weapons must read and sign a prop weapon manual issued by the Performing Arts Department to be considered for prop weapon approval.

Organizations should submit their proposal for replica weapon use at least two months before intended use. Any Emerson College member requesting approval of a prop weapon(s) must receive approval from the Emerson College Police Department (ECPD) and adhere to the following procedure:

The hours for approval of prop weapon(s) are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. An appointment must be made at least 24 hours in advance with the deputy chief or his or her designee. Prior to the meeting, the person requesting approval of a prop weapon(s) must have written approval from the authorized faculty or staff person overseeing the production.

If the prop weapon is being used outside of an Emerson College property, the proper authorities will need to be notified, such as the police department of jurisdiction if on public property, as well as the management company, landlord, or person in control if inside a non-Emerson College property.

Note: At no time can a real weapon be used in any capacity during an Emerson production.

All people carrying prop weapon(s) to and from Emerson College must transport the prop weapon(s) in a backpack or other type of carrying device and not concealed on their person.