Mission Statement

Fusion seeks to foster a more welcoming and supportive environment for employees in the Emerson community who self-identify as people of color. The group's primary focus is on addressing the specific needs of these employees so that they are met on an institutional level. Fusion also recognizes and collaborates with allies. 

Fusion is inclusive of the diverse backgrounds of members, and we recognize the skills and talents within our communities. We seek to provide peer support, education, and advocacy; and to promote visibility and greater engagement with students, staff, and faculty through educational, social events, and other activities.

Fusion also seeks to advocate for changes within the College that support the strategic goal of making Emerson a forerunner in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

What does it mean to be a member?

Being a member means you are part of a vibrant community that has your back. Fusion offers safe spaces for community gatherings, and members are encouraged to communicate via the Fusion email, Slack group, or Newsletter. We lift each other up, and run on kindness, empathy and respect for one another.

For inquiries about joining, and for allyship, please contact us at: fusioncochairs [at] emerson.edu (fusioncochairs[at]emerson[dot]edu)