Per the College's 2011–2023 Strategic Plan.

To implement the Strategic Plan, the senior leadership of the College—guided by a Strategic Planning Advisory Committee—will work with organizational units and individuals across campus to develop annual campus action plans with specific goals for each year, and annual progress reports that track our success in achieving them.

Much of what we do across campus already speaks to one or more of our strategic initiatives, and part of our work will involve articulating those connections—lifting them up, making them visible, and intentionally developing them as we go forward. Such work will not require many new resources. Where these five initiatives articulate entirely new ventures, the planning and implementation will be more complex, and we have allocated or will allocate resources to support them.

We will work together to realize our vision for the college. Every office, every department, and every individual on campus contributes significantly to the college and will be essential as we work to realize our vision for the future.