Emerson’s Strategic Priorities (2011–2023)

Building on the Strategic Plan developed by the Emerson community and adopted by the Board of Trustees in 2011, and informed by our understanding of national conversations about higher education as they pertain to Emerson, we have identified five strategies for achieving our objectives.

Academic Excellence

Academic excellence at Emerson is rooted in a college culture that supports the development of a diverse, creative, and intellectual community, providing the resources that faculty need in order to do their work well and to ensure that students learn at the highest possible level.

Civic Engagement

As a College, we will contribute to the public good by developing a culture of civic-mindedness, civic action, and civic education; establishing deep and meaningful engagement with Boston urban communities; and providing a platform for civil discourse about issues of social consequence.

Internationalization and Global Engagement

Emerson is committed to mutually beneficial engagement with the global society in which we participate, and to ensuring that all members of our community are prepared to thrive in that society. We strive to be known as an institution that attracts and welcomes students and faculty from around the world, as well as being known as an institution that values and actively fosters intercultural knowledge and competence in faculty, staff, and students.


For more than a decade, Emerson has prided itself on “bringing innovation to communication and the arts.” To ensure that we continue to live up to that promise, we are committed to creating programs that add value to our core mission, reduce dependency on tuition, and better leverage existing resources.

Financial Strength

Our ability to execute the strategies is contingent on our financial health, and our ability to plan our work in a realistic and sustainable way. We are committed to a responsible use of resources and developing long-term plans for the renewal and replacement of our physical plant and technology infrastructure.

These five strategies support our core values, objective, and vision for the College.

As we implement these strategies, we are guided in all of our work by a central assumption: that our excellence as a college is tied to the diversity of people, ideas, and activities that together constitute the fabric of our daily lives on campus. The College’s Inclusive Excellence initiative (built on foundational work by the Association of American Colleges and Universities) infuses our thinking about each of our strategic priorities and the evolution of our College.