Music History and Culture Minor

The Music History and Culture Minor focuses on the study of music as part of the human experience, examining musical cultures across time and within different social and political contexts. Subjects range from broad overviews of classical, jazz, and world music to more focused studies of film, theater, electronic, and popular music.

This minor requires four courses (16 credits) of coursework from the following:

Required Course

  • MU 137 - Listening to Music 

Survey Courses

Select two:

  • MU 201 - History of Music: European
  • MU 202 - History of Music: American
  • MU 203 - Perspectives in World Music
  • MU 220 - History of American Popular Music 
  • MU 239 - History of Jazz
  • MU 256 - Deconstructing 20th Century Art Music
  • IN 223 - Blacks, Whites, and Blues

Upper-Level Courses

Select one:

  • MU 304 - History of the American Musical
  • MU 313 - Topics in Music History and Culture
  • MU 413 - Seminar in Music History and Culture
  • IN 318 - Worldwide Underground: Hip Hop as Resistance Around the Globe 

Students may use one course from the Liberal Arts requirements towards the Music History and Culture minor.