Commitment 1:

  • Overview: Implement training and educational programs about disability, accessibility, anti-ableism, and disability justice for all new and current Emerson faculty, staff, and students.
  • Point Person(s): Paul Dworkis, Jan Roberts-Breslin, Jim Hoppe, Heather May, Brooke Knight, Jamie Montgomery-Hyde
  • Updates:
    • Summer 2021: Faculty training and education: ITG rolled out workshops for faculty. ITG and Provost's office produced accessibility guidelines for faculty when building classes with an emphasis on UDL. Provost messaged faculty about those guidelines in July.  ITG offered accessibility info at new full time and affiliated faculty orientations.
    • Fall 2021: CITL hosted a faculty workshop on understanding Neurodiversity in October. ITG published 7 new accessibility guides, centralized digital accessibility guides into a central category, and published a Digital Accessibility At Emerson Guide to serve as a starting point. 

Commitment 2:

  • Overview: Examine existing and new programs to ensure they are accurate, authentic, and informed by disability justice and the disability community. This is not the sole burden of Student Accessibility Services or disabled students and should be inclusive, accessible, and intersectional.
  • Point Person(s): Jim Hoppe, Jamie Montgomery-Hyde, Jan Roberts-Breslin, Ruthanne Madsen, Social Justice Collaborative, Student Accessibility Services, Academic Affairs
  • Updates:
    • Fall 2021: Ongoing.