Commitment 1:

  • Overview: Identification of a senior level staff member to coordinate college wide efforts. Additional conversation about a new administrative position filled by a disabled person with an extensive background in disability and social justice to lead College efforts. 
  • Point Person(s): President, Jim Hoppe, Paul Dworkis, President's Council
  • Updates
    • Fall 2021: Jim Hoppe and Paul Dworkis work to define options with President's Council. 

Commitment 2: 

  • Overview: Commitment to intersectional conversations and discussions around equity, justice, and inclusion. Anti-ableism work should be done in concert with anti-racism work and other anti-oppressive work.
  • Point Person(s): President, Social Justice Collaborative
  • Updates:
    • Fall 2021: SJC offered two fall book groups on "Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice." Creative Cafe launched Fall 2021, open to all students with BIPOC entertainment industry professionals and networking.