Commitment 1:

  • Overview: Spacebook updates to provide more direct cues for planners to provide accessible meetings and events.
  • Point Person(s): Duncan Pollock, Josh Hamlin, Jen Rogers
  • Updates:
    • Fall 2021: Spacebook updated and added features for many spaces denoting accessibility options. When searching for rooms to book, locations can be filtered by these features.

Commitment 2:

  • Overview: Improve physical accessibility and wayfinding. Ensure accessibility when building and renovating buildings and around/on construction sites. Increase accessibility of all campus signage through measures such as enlargements, color contrast, and braille. Improve the physical accessibility and wayfinding of Emerson LA and Kasteel Well. In all these efforts, ensure ADA requirements are used as a baseline, not a stopping point; strive to make campus accessible by the standards of disabled people, not only the standards of the law.
  • Point Person(s): Duncan Pollock
  • Updates:
    • Spring 2022: Accessibility and wayfinding on campus have been continually updated and improved in recent years. Emerson meets and exceeds the current ADA requirements. The College continues to make improvements to ensure that we meet the needs of the entire community. The AAB is a major contributor of recommendations for further progress on this front.

Commitment 3:

  • Overview: Third-party audit of accessibility on the Boston campus and periodic audits in the future. Make and execute swift plans to remedy physically inaccessible features of campus when they are brought to the college‚Äôs attention, either through audit or community reports.
  • Point Person(s):
  • Updates:
    • Spring 2022: Facilities has completed a third party meeting with AHEAD to address the current status of accessibility on the Boston Campus. We are also working with the local government agencies as well as architects to lead the efforts in accessible facilities.