Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor

For Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor, it is expected the candidate will continue ongoing engagement in professional and/or creative work outside of Emerson College, and achieve national prominence and excellence in their field. In addition to criteria outlined in Section 7 of the Faculty Handbook, some of the following documentation should be in evidence in the dossier.

7.1 Teaching

  • Demonstrated excellence in instruction in the studio and rehearsal hall.
  • Development of new courses, programs and teaching techniques.
  • Evidence of regularly directing and/or generating productions or showings sponsored by the Department of Performing Arts.
  • Examples of exceptional student work done under a candidate’s mentorship.
  • Record of Alumni Accomplishments.

7.2 Scholarship and Creative/Professional Work

  • Directing productions with paid professional theatres and groups or in paid professional venues known for high artistic quality (theatres and organizations that engage members from the major trade unions – AEA, AFTRA, SGA, SSDC, USA, USITT, AGVA, AGMA etc. are preferred)
  • Production work should have evidence of review by local and national media
  • Demonstrated conduct of research contributing significantly to the state of knowledge in the field
  • Appearances on and off campus as a speaker or panelist or otherwise participating in the meetings or activities of professional organizations
  • Prizes, awards, fellowships or other recognitions
  • Publication of written work including books, articles, reviews, director’s notes, cybertexts etc.
  • Published criticism and scholarship about productions directed by the candidate
  • Upon request and in special cases, the faculty member may request that the Chair arrange for an outside review for creative work produced by Emerson Stage, for inclusion in the candidate’s dossier. Such work, however, cannot substitute for productions for paid professional theatre companies but can serve to augment the dossier.

7.3 Service

Faculty is expected to render a reasonable amount of service to the Department of Performing Arts, Emerson College, to the profession or professional organizations, and to the public at large. Evidence in the evaluation of service might include:

  • Effective service as advisor to students
  • Effective service on departmental and college-wide committees
  • Holding a titled position on departmental and college-wide committees
  • Effective contributions to public relations efforts (including auditions and recruiting) on behalf of the department
  • Service in elective or appointive leadership roles in professional organizations and associations
  • Service as an adjudicator in major competitions
  • Service on the Board of a professional service or arts organization

For Promotion to Full Professor

7.2 Scholarship and Creative/Professional Work

All of the above criteria for Associate plus demonstrated evidence of having made a significant contribution to the national and/or international theatre conversation. Evidence, through articles, reviews, interviews, or letters of support, that the candidate continues to have an important place in and lasting impact on the professional theatre.