The following rules and regulations apply to all users of the Fitness Center.

General Rules and Regulations

  1. All members are required to complete and sign a Membership Enrollment Form Online prior to using the Fitness Center. Access to the facility will not be permitted until the membership form is completed. No Guests are allowedNo Exceptions.
  2. Members must sign-in with their Emerson ID card upon entering the Fitness Center.
  3. Attire: Proper fitness attire is required. Street clothes (jeans, khakis, etc.) are not permitted. Shirts (t-shirts, sweatshirts, full length tank tops) and shoes (sneakers and shoes with non-marking soles) are required at all times in fitness areas. Sandals and flip-flops are not appropriate footwear. If you are not wearing the proper attire the staff has the right to refuse use of the facility until you have the proper attire.
  4. Everyone is expected to practice proper Fitness Center etiquette.
    • Returning all equipment to the proper location after each use (re-rack weights).
    • Wiping down all the pads and surfaces that you come into contact with.
    • Sharing equipment. If you are doing multiple sets, allow others to use the equipment in between your sets. No resting on equipment between sets. Adhere to the time limits on equipment set by the Fitness Center.
    • Practicing personal hygiene by using deodorants and wearing clean workout clothes.
    • Avoiding the Fitness Center if you are feeling ill or believe you have a contagious illness.
    • Not using profanity, offensive language or shouting. If you refuse to adhere to this rule you will be asked to leave.
    • Using the equipment properly. If you are unsure or need instruction, please contact a staff member.
    • Not interrupting fitness center staff who are working one-on-one with a member or if they are instructing a class.
    • Being on time for scheduled classes and check-in at the front desk.
    • Exiting the fitness center at closing time.
  5. Personal Training and Fitness programs being instructed and conducted by anyone other than a Fitness Center Staff member is prohibited. Those not following this policy will be warned. Repeat offenders will be subject to possible loss of membership privileges.
  6. he fitness equipment should always be used properly as recommended by the manufacturer. Always leave the equipment in proper working condition. If you are unsure of how to use equipment please ask a fitness center employee.
  7. Free Lockers are for day-use only and are intended for use only while you are working out in the fitness center. Designated lockers may be rented on a first-come/first-serve basis, per semester. For more information on locker use, please see a Fitness Center staff member.
  8. Fitness Center employees are not responsible for personal property that is lost, stolen, or damaged due to vandalism or any other cause. You are encouraged to lock up all belongings in the free day use only lockers.
  9.  No food and gum will be consumed in the Fitness Center other than locker rooms or designated eating areas. Beverages must be in spill-proof containers.
  10.  Posted or regulated time limits for using the Fitness Center’s facilities and equipment will be respected. In periods of heavy use, you may be asked to limit your time in a particular area to allow other members an opportunity to use the facilities and equipment.

Weight Lifting and Exercise Equipment

  1. For safety reasons; bags, jackets, and coats are not allowed in the weight lifting or exercise equipment areas. All items should be placed in lockers.
  2. There is a maximum of 30 minutes per session on any cardiovascular equipment during peak hours. If you are doing multiple sets on the circuit machines during peak hours (7:00 am to 8:30 am, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, and 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.) please be considerate and allow others to use the equipment between your sets.
  3. Each piece of equipment used must be wiped clean after use.
  4. Users must return bars/weights to their proper place/racks immediately after use.
  5. Weight belts are not allowed on exercise equipment if the belt buckle makes contact with the equipment upholstery.
  6. Keep hands and feet clear of moving parts while machine is in use. Never put hands or feet under weight stacks. Place hands and feet only on the hand grips and foot pads provided.
  7. Do not operate equipment if it has loose or damaged parts. Report repair needs to the staff. Do not make repairs yourself.
  8. Do not drop weight stacks, plates, dumbbells or other free weight equipment. Failure to do so will result in a warning. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave the fitness center for not complying with fitness center policies.
  9. Do not kick or punch the plyometrics boxes. Doing so will result in a suspension of your membership. The policy is as follows: 1st offense is a 1-week suspension, 2nd offense is a 1-month suspension, and a 3rd offense will result in a suspension for the remainder of the semester.

These rules and regulations are designed to make the Fitness Center a safe and enjoyable place for all members. Violations of these rules and regulations can result in suspension or termination of your Fitness Center membership. These rules and regulations may be modified or amended at any time without prior notice.