To submit your documentation for online filing, please navigate to Dewar's FileReceive portal. Then:

  1. Enter password (dewar).
  2. Enter School or College Name = sample “Dewar School”
  3. Add Optional additional message to Dewar = please include your name and contact information
  4. Click “Add Files” to browse for the file or Drag and Drop from file location.
  5. Click “Upload” to submit the file and confirmation page of successful submission will appear.


Screenshot from a browser window displaying Dewar's FileReceive link. A password is required to proceed. A note at the bottom reads: Note: If you do not have the password, please contact the File Receive link owner.

Screenshot from a browser with fields a user needs to complete for uploading documentation. Fields include School or College Name; an Optional Message; and a file upload.

Screenshot of browser following successful upload of documentation