New Offering: The Career Closet

The Career Closet is now open! This is the space for students to understand how to dress authentically and professionally for their careers. 

Our team at the Intercultural Center, Career Development Center, and Hub for Inclusive Visionary Engagement (HIVE) for career education, resources, and experiential learning opportunities at Emerson College. The Closet empowers students to access their potential by providing access to professional wear, but also understanding what professional wear means to them as an individual.

About the Closet

  • Our clothes are donations from students, faculty, and staff
  • Get support on what it means to be yourself in the workspace
  • Understand what fashion means for us, our beliefs, and our cultures
  • Book an appointment to explore the space and find what fits you, your lifestyle, and your brand!


This closet is for you! We encourage students to dress as themselves. Your classroom or organization may have a dress code, but what does that mean for you? Our resources will help you better understand how to dress authentically in your career, how to advocate, and how to refine your brand and wardrobe.


Our students and staff within Career Development Center & HIVE run this closet. To best serve our students, please book an appointment request and someone will get in touch with you!

Book an appointment