Mission Statement

The Career Development Center is the hub for career education, resources, and experiential learning opportunities at Emerson College. The Center empowers students and alumni to realize their potential by providing:

  • Personalized career counseling informed by industry-specific education and shaped by individual professional development.
  • Innovative career development platforms and cutting-edge digital resources featuring on-demand information accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • A robust employer partnership program connecting students and alumni with companies or organizations within Arts & Communications industries in the U.S. and beyond.

Design Your Future

The Career Development Center is the hub for career education, resources, and experiential learning opportunities at Emerson College. Our office offers students and alumni a variety of services including but not limited to resume & cover letter reviews, interview preparation, and individual career counseling.

We offer more than just 1-on-1 appointments. Start planning your career by visiting the Career Center Blog, our main hub for career-related news, resources, and opportunities:

Get Started

Each member of our staff is dedicated to helping you design a personal career path that is catered to your needs and interests. This includes pieces like resumes and cover letters but speaks more to your professional development at Emerson College and beyond.

Meet with one of our expert career counselors to discuss your future and start designing the steps you'll need to take to realize your career goals. Career development starts today.

Outcomes & Annual Reports

Disclaimer: The following PDFs may not be accessible for assistive technologies. If you need assistance accessing this file's contents, please contact our office at careers [at] emerson.edutitle="Email the Career Development Center".

Online Resources


Handshake allows students & alumni to engage with over 180,000 employers as well as track their overall career readiness through professional experiences and opportunities. On the other side, employers are able to post internship and job opportunities as well as browse resume and portfolios to actively recruit from our talented community.

Career Center Blog

The Career Center Blog is the Career Development Center’s platform for sharing news, opportunities, and resources with students, alumni, and employers. Here you can find information about finding internships, sharing opportunities, and much more.

Emtern Summer Experience

The Emtern Summer Experience offers undergraduate rising juniors and seniors the opportunity to receive in-depth professional support while pursuing a summer internship in either Boston or Los Angeles.


Emerge is a new online community where Emersonians can connect with each other to have career conversations, explore industry opportunities, find—or be—a mentor, and more. You can sign up at emerge.emerson.edu; and then visit its Resources section for tips on getting the most out of Emerge.