The Career Development Center’s Employer Engagement Team welcomes employers to engage with our students through a variety of campus recruiting opportunities. Our goal is to foster as many meaningful connections between our students and the workplace as possible while ensuring a seamless recruiting experience. To get in touch with us about recruiting at Emerson College, please contact our Assistant Director, Employer Engagement, linh_nguyen [at] (Linh Nguyen)title="Email Linh Nguyen".

Employers are encouraged to get involved with our students’ career readiness through a variety of programs and hands-on work experience opportunities, some of which are featured below.

Host an Emerson Intern

Internships allow students to apply knowledge they gain in the classroom to a professional setting. These opportunities allow students to apply and develop skills they’ve learned in the classroom as they build upon their experiential learning.

Students may complete internships independently or with recognition from Emerson College by receiving academic credit. If a student chooses to seek academic credit they will initiate this process and you will be contacted by our office’s Internship Administrator. If you would like to require that students receive credit, please state this clearly in the job description. Please note that for-credit internships must be approved by both the Career Development Center and the student’s academic department. 

Employers must review the Department of Labor’s Fact Sheet #71's criteria for internships prior to posting a position.

Please note the following additional policies, some of which echo the DOL:

  • Employers interested in hosting Emerson interns must provide either paid, for-credit, or paid and for-credit opportunities.
  • Emerson students may not participate in a credit-bearing internship at a business owned or operated by a current Emerson faculty or staff member.
  • A student may not use Emerson College as a host organization for a credit-bearing internship.
  • Students may not receive retroactive credit for internships completed outside of the semester they are seeking credit.

For more information on internships and what is expected of Internship Host Sites, we ask you to visit our Internship Guidelines page. 

If you have any questions or concerns about a potential internship opportunity, campus_recruiting [at] (please do not hesitate to contact our office)title="Email Campus Recruiting".

Post a Position

Emerson College uses Handshake as its platform for sharing job and internship opportunities. Employers can establish an Employer Profile within the system by visiting and registering. When prompted to connect with schools, employers will have the option to connect with Emerson College. Additional registration instructions can be found on Handshake’s Support Center site.

Recruit On-Campus

Looking to connect with our students face-to-face? Our Employer Engagement Team will work with you to arrange a superb on-campus recruiting experience. Some of our recruiting opportunities during the year include:

  • Career & Internship Fairs
  • On-Campus Employer Info Sessions
  • Off-Campus Employer Site Visits
  • Virtual Info Sessions
  • On-Campus Interviewing

Employers interested in learning more about these opportunities are encouraged to visit our Programs page. If you are interested in being involved in one or more of these opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us using the link below:

campus_recruiting [at] (Contact Campus Recruiting)class="main_button" title="Email Campus Recruiting"