Mission Statement

To deliver high quality, innovative service and leadership in Financial Planning, Analysis, Operations and Compliance to support Emerson College’s mission to educate students to assume positions of leadership in communication and the arts.


Our vision is to serve as an innovative hub for financial operations, and to facilitate meaningful data analysis that supports the College’s initiatives.


Service: High quality services and programs that meet and exceed customer expectations.
Educate: Empower end users with effective training and policies.
Respect: Foster a welcoming environment where everyone’s perspective and insight is valued.
Versatile: Adapt to the ever evolving needs of the Emerson Community
Innovative: Embrace change as a catalyst for continuous improvement and seek opportunities to become more effective and efficient in all that we do.
Communication: Cultivate cross-functional partnerships.
Ethical: Unwavering integrity in all that we do.

Offices under the oversight of Finance and Financial Business Services

Finance Support Center

For all Finance support requests, guides, and forms, please visit our support center.

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