Emerson’s Boston campus is home to 5 amazing residence halls. Each of our residence halls offers spaces to study, relax, cook, and interact. Some of our amenities include:

  • Wireless internet
  • Laundry Facilities with the ability to see machine usage before heading down to them
  • Lounge space
  • IPTV
  • Vending Machine
  • Kitchen Space with microwaves and stovetops

2 Boylston Place

2 Boylston Place is an 18-story residence hall located at 2 Boylston Place. Three hundred and seventy-five students call 2 Boylston Place home in single, double, and triple rooms within six- or eight-person suite-like environments that include a shared bathroom. There are also standalone triple rooms that include a private bathroom. Residents share three common lounges, one large community kitchen, and two centralized laundry facilities.

Piano Row

This 14-story building located at 150 Boylston Street houses 558 students in double occupancy rooms within four and six-person suites that share a bathroom, common living space, and a kitchenette (sink only). Residents share lounges with kitchenettes on alternate floors and a centralized laundry facility. Piano Row also houses the Max Mutchnick Campus Center and Brown-Plofker Gym.

Paramount Center Residence Hall

Located at 555 Washington Street, Paramount is home to 260 students in double rooms in four or six-person suite-like environments with a shared bathroom. Some standalone doubles that include a private bathroom are also available. Residents share common floor lounges with kitchenettes and a centralized laundry facility. The Paramount Center is also home to its renovated main theater, a black box theater, and multiple classrooms and practice rooms.

The Colonial Building

Colonial is located at 100 Boylston Street. The upper floors of this 10-story building house 354 students in single and double rooms in four, five, or six-person suite-like environments that include a shared bathroom. Residents share common lounges with kitchens and a centralized laundry facility.

Little Building

The Little Building (LB) is a 13-story, 1,035-bed residence hall located at 80 Boylston Street that reopened in Fall 2019 and is home to all first-year students. The layout of the LB is unique to Emerson's campus as this building has a traditional style. This means that 90% of the rooms are off-hallway spaces consisting of single, double, and triple occupancy, sharing community restrooms on the floor. There is one private, gender-free restroom on each floor. There are also a limited number of suites within the building that also have single, double, and triple occupancy rooms that include a shared bathroom. Residents share 16 common lounges, 6 include a kitchenette and three centralized laundry facilities.