Search Open Positions

Faculty and staff career opportunities at Emerson College are posted online. You can apply and track applications for open positions using our online portal, Workday.  Follow the instructions below to search and apply for jobs, create a candidate profile, and manage your applications.

Please note: You must meet all minimum requirements listed, fill out all requested information, and attach all necessary files before a submission can be reviewed.

Questions? Email hr [at] (hr[at]emerson[dot]edu) for Visit for more information.

Staff Application Workflow

The general process for filling staff positions:

  1. Submit Candidacy
    Resume, cover letter, and any additional information to demonstrate your skills and passion for the position
  2. Review
    Materials reviewed to determine position qualifications met
  3. Screening
    Conversations to better understand the position and determine alignment with your career goals
  4. Interview
    Chance to meet and see team members and gain further information into goals and daily life of position
  5. Reference Check
    Conversations with the current/former supervisors who know you best and can speak to your capabilities
  6. Decision