On this page, you'll find information regarding the types of employment available, how to apply and begin working, payment methods, and employee/supervisor responsibilities.

For more information, visit the Student Employment Office, 216 Tremont Street, 4th floor.

Federal Work Study (FWS)

This is a need-based, federally subsidized award for part-time employment, which is administered by the College. Earnings are paid directly to the student through bi-weekly paychecks. The students' weekly hours and wages are determined by the College and are limited by eligibility and fund availability. Students are only compensated for hours they actually work. The maximum amount of hours students may work a week is 20 when classes are in session, and 40 when classes are not in session.

General Student Employment

The Emerson College Student Employment Program offers a wonderful opportunity to defray the cost of education while gaining marketable skills and valuable work experience. Students who do not receive a Federal Work Study award are still eligible to apply for on-campus employment opportunities.

Students working through Emerson College's Student Employment Programs gain marketable skills and valuable work experience while defraying the cost of their education. The Office of Student Employment assists students and supervisors with all aspects of on-campus employment and off-campus Service Work Study.