Your SEVIS “program completion date” will usually be the date on which your degree from Emerson is conferred:

  • For spring semester completion - date of May commencement
  • For summer semester completion* - August 30 *Students finishing all course work in Summer Term I, may ask for an alternate SEVIS program end date of the end of Summer Term I
  • For fall semester completion - December 30

If you will need additional time to complete your program of study than the end date reflected on your I-20, you will need to request a program extension prior to the expiration of your I-20. 

If your I-20 reflects an end date that is after your program completion date, OISA will shorten your I-20 end date to reflect your actual program end date.

NOTE: Some students may “walk” (participate in) May commencement ceremonies who still have a couple courses to complete in summer. Your official SEVIS program completion date reflects the semester in which your final classes were taken. 

After your SEVIS program end date you will have a “grace period” of up to 60 days. This grace period allows you to:

  • Prepare for departure from the U.S. (Take one more trip to NYC, catch one more Red Sox game, sell your bike, pack your bags!) Note: Once you leave the U.S. after your program completion, you cannot return to the U.S. in F-1 status during your grace period. 
  • Submit an application for post-completion Optional Practical Training. While OISA advises students to apply for OPT up to 90 days in advance of your program end date, you may be eligible to apply within your grace period as well. 
  • Request transfer of your SEVIS record if you intend to move on to a higher level of study. Your SEVIS record must be transferred out from Emerson within your 60-day grace period, so long as your new program is beginning within 5 months of your last study (or end of your OPT).
  • Submit an application for change of status in the U.S. You may wish to consult an OISA advisor or an immigration attorney about this process.