Finding Funding

One of the first questions that faculty members ask when deciding they want to obtain funding for research or a project is "How can I find funding?" Faculty members should review the Finding Funding page to see the possible online tools and major federal agency searches that are at their disposal.

Funding Search Request

Faculty members who are unable to find funding for themselves, or would like assistance in trying to find possible funders, should complete the Funding Search Request Form. On this form, faculty members will be asked to input several keywords that are related to their funding search. A list of possible keywords is provided on the form. Finally, faculty members will be asked to provide a one-paragraph abstract that summarizes their project. After the form is completed, please allow two weeks for the form to be processed.

Writing & Submitting Your Proposal

After finding funders and submitting a completed Emerson College Proposal Pre-Approval Form, faculty members will need to prepare their proposal. The Office of Research and Creative Scholarship provides consultation and technical assistance with preparing proposals. Faculty members should meet with our office as early as possible in the process to determine the best course of action. The office provides links to several proposal writing guides, as well as information on developing a budget, subcontracts, and submitting proposals.