Accessing Grading

To access the final grading system, navigate to ToolsSubmit Final Grades.

Entering Grades

Note there are three ‘tabs’ at the top of the page: ‘Midterm Grades’, ‘Final Grades’, and ‘Gradebook’. Between grading terms you will see the message ‘No Sections Are Available for Grading at This Time’. You will receive an email notification from the Registrar when each grading period is open. 

Once grading is available you should see a screen, like the one below. 

Navigate to the My Course section under the Final Grades tab, then input the grade in the Enter Grades area

If there are multiple courses for a semester, you can click on them under ‘My Courses’ which is boxed in red above. This will bring up the respective student roster below. 

As you can see in this example there are two students in the course. When grading you just need to choose the applicable grade from the dropdown menu next to each student under ‘Final Grade’ which is indicated by a green circle. You must then hit Save at the bottom of the screen which is indicated by the blue arrow in the screenshot below. If you do not hit Save, the grades will not be available to be rolled (made viewable to students), and you will need to resubmit them. 

Think of grading like submitting a term paper. Selecting the grade from the drop down menu is like writing the draft, but it is not saved unless you do the extra step of hitting the save button. In addition, the grade is not finalized until the Registrar ‘rolls’ the grade (which is like submitting the paper to an instructor in this analogy).

Please note:

  • If you are entering an F grade, you must enter the student's Last Attend Date.
  • If you need to submit an Incomplete grade, please review the Incomplete Grades section below.

After everything is complete you should see a screen like this:

Press the save button at the bottom of the Final Grades page

Note that the Grading Status in the top left corner shows ‘Completed’ in green now that you have made your submission to the Registrar. You will still be able to make edits until the grades are ‘rolled’ and made viewable to the student, typically the evening of the grading deadline. At that point the ‘Not Started’ under ‘Rolled’ will turn to Completed. Once both Grading Status and Rolled show as Completed you will need to submit a grade change form to make any changes.

Incomplete Grades

Incomplete contracts are available in under Course Tools.

An incomplete grade should only be given when a student has satisfactorily completed most of the required work for the course, but due to medical or disability reasons or other extenuating circumstances, is unable to complete the remaining work by the end of the term. Incompletes should not be given in lieu of a letter grade to simply extend the time given to the student to complete the work in the absence of the required conditions.


Incompletes should not be issued to students who are graduating that semester, since an Incomplete will delay degree completion until the next degree conferral date after the incomplete work is graded.

Incomplete coursework should be completed by the date agreed to on the learning contract, which should be within 60 days of the end of the course's semester. If the I grade is not changed by the agreed deadline, it automatically changes to the final grade specified on the form grade. The student must not register for the course again, in an effort to make up the incomplete grade.

In such cases where the course instructor determines that it is appropriate to award a student an incomplete grade, the steps below must be followed:

  • The missing work and the percentage of the final grade it represents must be explicitly noted on the Incomplete Contract and communicated to the student. (this requires the details of the specific missing assignments and the plan for the student to complete those assignments)
  • The date the instructor expects the missing work to be submitted or in the case of an examination made up must be explicitly noted on the Incomplete Contract and communicated to the student.
  • The student must sign the Learning Contract for Incomplete Grades* agreeing to the plan for completing the missing work
  • Once signed by the instructor and the student, the instructor submits the Learning Contract to the Registrar’s Office to record the incomplete grade
  • Once the work is completed, the instructor submits a grade change form noting the final grade earned by the student

Grades may not be changed to an incomplete grade after the date grades are due.

*If a student leaves campus due to extenuating circumstances before being able to sign the form, the instructor should note that on the Learning Contract before submitting to the Registrar’s Office, and send a copy of the contract to the student. All students will also be notified via email by the Registrar's Office if they have received an incomplete grade.