While we all love to sit down for a relaxing meal with friends, we know that busy Emerson students often must eat on the run. To make taking out food both convenient and sustainable, we offer OZZI reusable clamshell containers. You can take out up to two OZZI containers at a time and can make use of the program as many times as you’d like over the course of the semester!

Use the steps below to obtain, use, and return OZZI containers and enjoy your meal. Each reusable clamshell replaces up to 300 single-use takeout containers!

  1. When you present your Emerson ID to swipe in for a meal, let the cashier know that you would like to take food to go. The cashier will mark your account and give you a clean OZZI eco-to-go container. In addition, to-go cups are available at the beverage stations for you to take a hot or cold beverage to go!
  2. Fill the container with whatever you would like, from any station in the Dining Center. Keep in mind that the container must close, but you can still choose to take a piece of hand fruit as well. No need to stop back at the cashier, just exit and enjoy your meal.
  3. When you're finished, empty the container and return it to the designated drop bins at the cashier stations. The cashier will mark your account “returned” and will take your dirty OZZI eco-to-go container to clean and sanitize it.

The cycle repeats, and you will reduce your environmental footprint by using your container again and again!

The fine print:

  • Each student with a dining plan has 2 OZZI eco-to-go containers allocated to their account. Students may not have more than two Eco-clamshells checked out at any time. As you take and return your containers, the cashier will change the status on your Emerson dining account.
  • Students with commuter dining plans and faculty/staff can purchase into the OZZI eco-to-go program for $5 at the beginning of each semester.