Imagine taking a screenwriting course or studying film with the Hollywood sign in the background, or interning at HBO, Paramount Pictures, or the Los Angeles Times. At Emerson Los Angeles, you can do that and more. With so many of our students and faculty excelling in the fields of film, media arts, and performing arts, it’s no wonder that we have an established presence in LA. Our West Coast home is located on Sunset Boulevard in a sustainable LEED-certified facility, which houses up to 215 Emerson students each fall and spring semester.

At Emerson Los Angeles, our mission is to develop and prepare students to successfully embark on a path to positions of leadership in communication and the arts. When you spend a semester here, you’ll take courses in your desired field of study and complete an internship at one of LA’s iconic organizations in entertainment, media, communication, or the arts. You can network with industry leaders on and off campus. And if you decide to stay in LA to pursue your career, you’ll become part of an extensive and supportive alumni community.

Your Future Starts on Sunset Boulevard

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