Emerson College Los Angeles Mission Statement

The mission of Emerson Los Angeles is to develop and prepare students to successfully embark on a path to positions of leadership in communication and the arts. Through a robust and immersive internship program, unique professional development opportunities, and extensive community service engagement, ELA cultivates an environment where students build connections and gain critical skills that will help them create and communicate with vision during their time at ELA and as alumni.

With the support of a strong alumni network, Emerson Los Angeles creatively collaborates within and across a variety of disciplines. We believe that through encouraging innovation, promoting diversity and ingenuity, and stimulating critical thinking, Emerson Los Angeles students and alumni can enrich the world.

Kevin Bright, Founding Director

Kevin Bright is an Emmy Award-winning producer and director, known for his work on Friends, Dream On, and In Living Color. Bright graduated from Emerson College in 1976 and received an honorary degree in 2011. He served on Emerson’s Board of Trustees from 2003 to 2013. In 2006, he was named executive artist-in-residence at the Boston campus. In that role, he taught a variety of pilot television production courses. In addition to his teaching, Bright has been a faculty advisor to the EVVY Awards for more than 10 years. He resides in Brentwood, California, with his wife Claudia.