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My research concerns aesthetics and vulgarity in Latinx pop culture. Specifically, I analyze Latinx music and media and the politics of good taste that influence their creation and reception. My dissertation project focuses on the aesthetic strategies that femme Latinxs use to circumvent the assimilatory impulse of respectability politics—that is, on how they deploy the “vulgar” or “excessive" and to what ends. Broadly speaking, I am concerned with the generative and restrictive functions of genre and gender in matters of sexuality, race, class, and taste. 

Forthcoming publication: “A Motherless World: Temporality, Motherhood, and Afro-Caribbean Writing” in Hemispheric Blackness and the Exigencies of Accountability, University of Pittsburgh Press (20 December 2022).


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  • Since 2022
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B.A., University of Puerto Rico
M.A., University of Minnesota
M.S., University of Bologna