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Dr. Scher is interested in the intersection of costume, gender, and power in ancient Peruvian art and in the ancient Americas in general. She is the author of the 2018 article "Malleable victims and discourses of dominance at Huaca de la Luna" in the journal World Art, and co-editor of the 2017 volume Dressing the Part: Power,dress, gender and representation in the Pre-Columbian Americas from the University Press of Florida. She is a 2014 recipient of an NEH Summer Institute Grant for  "Pictorial Histories and Myth-Histories: "Graphic Novels" of the Mixtecs and Aztecs" and a 2008 recipient of a Fullbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad grant for her work in Peru.



B.F.A., Washington University in St Louis
M.A., New Mexico State University
M.F.A., New Mexico State University
Ph.D., Emory University


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