Students may withdraw from a course after the 10th day of classes no later than 15 class days before the last day of the semester. Check the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

A withdrawal does NOT constitute successful completion of a course. This may affect a student's academic standing—students who fail to successfully complete at least 75% of attempted coursework have not made satisfactory academic progress.


NO REFUND is given to students who withdraw from a course.


A grade of WP: Withdraw Pass or WF: Withdraw Fail is recorded for the class, depending on the student's grade at the time of withdrawal. Withdrawal from a course does not impact the GPA. The course and the grade will appear on the student's transcript and schedule.


To withdraw from a course, students must complete a Course Withdrawal Form. The course instructor must sign the form and mark the grade to be recorded (WP or WF). The student must submit the completed withdrawal form to the Registrar's Office by the stated deadlines (see the Academic Calendar for the appropriate semester).

Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to discuss the pros and cons of withdrawing from a course before filing the paperwork.