Directed Studies are intended to permit students to work closely with a faculty member on a scholarly or creative project not realizable through an existing course. View policies and procedures for:

Undergraduate Students

Policies and Prerequisites

  • Directed Studies or Projects may not duplicate existing courses.
  • A four credit Directed Study or Project should require the equivalent of a minimum of 120 hours of work over the course of the semester.
  • A student may not count more than 8 credits of any combination of directed studies and directed projects toward the total graduation requirements.
  • A student must have achieved a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 to register for a Directed Study or Project.
  • A student must be a junior or senior to register for a Directed Study or Project.
  • Completed proposals and forms must be submitted to the Department Chair by the last day of the preceding semester. Chairs will respond within one week.


Students must

  1. Create a Directed Study Proposal, in consultation with the instructor, with the following:
    • A short description of the creative or scholarly project
    • The courses in which the student has enrolled which prepared him/her for this study or project
    • The ways in which the study or project differs from available courses
    • A week by week course of study outline
    • A list of required reading and viewing
    • A detailed description of the anticipated final outcome of the study or project, e.g. length of research paper, the type and length of the script, the format and running time of a film or video, the number of B&W prints, etc.
    • A list of any equipment, software or other resources required to complete the study or project, noting when and for how long each will be needed
  2. Attach a copy of your unofficial transcript, available on eCommon.
  3. Complete student portion of the Directed Study Registration Form, available on the Registrar's Office website.
  4. Present proposal and form to Instructor.

Faculty member must

  1. Attach a statement addressing the following:
    • The schedule for meeting with the student, including frequency and duration of meetings
    • The minimum expected time devoted to each portion of the study
    • The basis for grading the independent study, including what will be graded and what grading policy will be applied
  2. Sign instructor portion of the Directed Study Registration Form.
  3. Return form and proposal to the student.

Next, students must

  1. Submit form and proposal to the Department Chair no later than the last day of the preceding semester. Chairs will respond within one week. Student is responsible for retrieving completed form.
  2. Submit completed form and proposal at the Registrar's Office, 180 Tremont St., 4th floor. 

Graduate Students

No more than twelve (12) credits of internship and directed study in combination may be applied towards major requirements.

Submit completed contract to the Registrar’s Office when you register. You must present this completed form in order to register for the directed study.