Arrangements for Alcohol Service

  1. Book your venue with the Office of the Arts. You will receive a confirmation email.
  2. After receiving that confirmation, please make arrangements for your food, beverages and alcohol with Tai Hernandez, General Manager of Spectrum Catering and Concessions, 617-824-1921.
  3. Mr. Hernandez will work with you to accomplish your goals within your budget. He will coordinate with OTA staff to plan and confirm room setup and staffing. Once you have agreed upon your plans he will e-mail to you an estimate, with copies to OTA staff. The estimate will include both the hospitality services and any rentals you requested such as glassware, tables and chairs, linens, etc. The estimate will serve as your confirmation. Please check it carefully, and obtain any approvals you may need.
  4. CANCELLATION POLICY: You will be billed for the full room and catering estimates if you cancel closer than two full business days before the event. Cancellations must be in writing to all the people copied on your confirmation.
  5. As your event changes – more attendees, different band, need a literature table, etc. – keep in touch with Tai to confirm those changes. He will coordinate with OTA staff.
  6. About a week after your event, Tai will email you the invoice. Please check it carefully and reply with any questions or concerns. We will treat the invoice as correct unless we hear from you within two business days.
  7. Your account will be charged monthly, at the same time as the Office of the Arts services and room use fees are transferred.

Sales and Use Tax

Your invoice will include charges for sales and use taxes. At the direction of Emerson counsel, Spectrum collects these taxes on behalf of Emerson; Emerson deposits them with the State. Although Emerson is a tax exempt entity, the state considers to be exempt from sales tax only food and beverages served to its students as part of a resident meal plan. Meals and snacks served to faculty, staff, trustees, and others are taxable.

Alcohol Service Outside the Licensed Premises

Alcohol served or consumed on the Licensed Premises must be controlled by Spectrum, to conform to the General Rules of the Licensing Board for the City of Boston and applicable laws.

Other parts of the Campus are regulated by the Emerson College policies regarding service of alcoholic beverages. These unlicensed areas include the dressing rooms, green rooms, rehearsal studios, faculty offices, sound stage, and facilities in the Tufte PPC. For such events, the event sponsor must submit the Alcohol Approval Form. Generally, such events are arranged through Business Services.


Emerson College owns alcoholic beverages licenses for all parts of the Cutler Majestic Theatre, and the public spaces of the Paramount accessed through the 559 Washington Street entrance under the marquee. The license covers all lobbies, theatres, stages, and Bright Family Film Screening Room. Those areas are known as the “Licensed Premises.” Once the city and state issue an alcoholic beverages license, they hold the license owner to the same high standards as a restaurant or bar.

Emerson applied for the licenses to provide a frequently requested service to the public, and generate a surplus from that service. Emerson determined that, just as with its dining halls, an outside specialist would best provide proper management while optimizing revenues. After an extensive RFP process, Emerson chose Spectrum as its vendor for serving alcoholic beverages and satisfying the license requirements which includes purchasing, inventorying and controlling all aspects of alcoholic beverages on the licensed premises.