EmCares is an Employee Resource Group committed to providing support for parents and caregivers among staff and faculty at Emerson College. Our mission is to provide ongoing space for dialogue, discussion, and questions that are shared with the group in an open and safe environment. From these discussions we identify common concerns and issues for caregivers, and hold dialogue meetings with Human Resources to discuss how Emerson can best support the caregivers who work here and how EmCares members can best support the College.


EmCares is open to all Emerson College staff and faculty parents, grandparents, foster parents, those who are expecting or interested in parenting challenges, and those who are caregivers for their own family members.


EmCares holds monthly group meetings for staff and faculty to ask questions of each other, raise concerns, or contribute to the discussion of what it means to be a caregiver at Emerson, and how we can best support each other. Throughout the year, EmCares representatives meet with Human Resources to address the questions and suggestions that arise from the monthly meetings.

Contact Us

For more information on EmCares and to be added to our email list, email emcares [at] emerson.edu or call 617-824-8528.