The Parents Fund supports the distinctive qualities that set Emerson apart from other colleges and universities. Emerson families fuel their students’ confidence and creativity throughout their college journey and a gift to the Parents’ Fund goes to work immediately.

The resources provided by the Parents Fund are dedicated directly to improving the quality of the student experience at Emerson. Parents’ contributions through tuition and room and board are vital to the College’s financial health. However, Emerson faces unanticipated challenges and opportunities every year, and a consistent stream of unrestricted philanthropic dollars allows the College to seize those opportunities and make the student experience even better.

A gift to the Parents Fund helps to maintain and expand the resources that allow our students to succeed. With the support of engaged parents and families, Emersonians can spark powerful change.

The level of excellence at Emerson College is enhanced by the generosity of parents who support our mission. The Parents Annual Fund has an immediate impact on college priorities, including:

  • Investing in distinguished faculty
  • Enhancing scholarship programs
  • Expanding our academic footprint beyond Boston, Los Angeles, and the Netherlands
  • Establishing new programs and extraordinary learning opportunities

Make your gift to the Parents Fund today to fuel the kind of passion, collaboration, creativity, and ambition that our world needs.

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I didn't have the opportunity to afford a school like Emerson College when I was younger, so I am thrilled to give that opportunity to Emerson students. The fact that I can help three students graduate and fulfill their dreams is such a rewarding experience. To see how diverse the students are from all backgrounds and how passionate they are about school is truly inspiring.

Parent & Family Programs

Discover other ways you can support and celebrate your student and their peers during their time at Emerson by visiting our Parent & Family Programs page.