Each impact fund will strengthen a specific department, program, or initiative of the College. Whether you want to roar with our Lions or support the College’s DEIB initiatives, impact funds offer the opportunity to directly support a particular piece of Emerson you feel especially connected to.

Make a Gift

Each Emerson experience is unique. Some students spend hours upon hours on film sets or in rehearsal studios while others are galavanting around Europe or traveling to their next away game. Every path taken on the journey to obtain an Emerson degree is different, but no matter how students fill their days, their experience is one worth celebrating.

Whether you are enthusiastic about being part of a specific club or organization, studying abroad, playing a varsity sport, diving into textbooks, or championing friends and all of their endeavors – you can support these passions by making a contribution to a specific impact fund. Your generosity will pave the way for the next generation of Emersonians to make many meaningful memories during their time as students.

Reach out to our team and we can help identify a fund that aligns with your passion.

Connect with our team to learn more!
Jacob DiTore
Associate Director, Annual Giving
jacob_ditore [at] emerson.edu (jacob_ditore[at]emerson[dot]edu)

Impact Funds to Support

Lions Fund

The Lions Fund is an immediate-use fund that supports all 14 varsity sports at Emerson by being allocated to the Department's greatest needs including: transportation to away games, new gear and uniforms, improvements to facilities and training equipment, updated tech and media equipment, and so much more. This is a current-use fund, meaning your gift will have an immediate impact.

Internationalization & Equity Fund

The Internationalization and Equity Fund uplifts the voices of our marginalized students and faculty through new and existing equity programs and initiatives, infuses internationally focused changes into our curriculum, and supports equity-focused education abroad programming.

Student Assistance Fund

The Student Assistance Fund is a need-based fund, that makes small awards, to help eligible students with indirect costs of attendance such as books, printing and copying costs, film, developing, other required course supplies, personal items, transportation, and food.

Pride Fund

The Emerson Pride Fund was established to aid and empower the people, programs, and organizations that serve our LGBTQIA+ community– fostering a safe, secure, and welcoming environment for all members of the LGBTQIA+ community at Emerson College. Annually, the Emerson Pride Fund plays an integral role in bringing the queer community on campus together.