COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives, but we know that we are not all experiencing this pandemic the same way. For some of our students, the economic crisis will force them to interrupt or completely end their Emerson education. Their families are having to make the choice between keeping their kids in school and keeping households afloat. Between buying the textbooks their student needs for class and paying bills this month. Some depended on financial aid dollars long before the pandemic hit and have only seen their situation worsen. Others are facing new and urgent financial need due to sudden loss of jobs and access to resources.

We wish our students were all in the same boat, but the truth is they’re not.

What they are, and will always be, is part of our Emerson family. A family that dreams, creates, builds, informs, and shapes the way the world communicates, entertains, and expresses itself. A family that stands together even when we’re apart. A family that is one Emerson. A family in need.

That is why we created the One Emerson Scholarship Fund; to help our family in need and to work towards a world where no student will have to leave Emerson because of this new economic reality. Your gift will provide these students with access to financial aid dollars. Dollars that will keep them on course, unburden their families, and allow them to continue pursuing the dreams they’ve worked so hard for.

Give to the One Emerson Scholarship Fund