Adopted November 1, 2024


The Board of Trustees (BOT) believes that Emerson College is well-positioned to become the leading college in the world for the study and practice of communication and the arts. Our combination of hands-on training and strong liberal arts foundation provides a distinct and compelling offering that has driven the College's success in attracting talent and expanding our programs and partners. With our rich history, solid fundamentals, and emphasis on creativity and innovation, Emerson has the opportunity to significantly advance our society.

Charge from the Board of Trustees

As Emerson College embarks on the development of a new strategic plan under the leadership of our new president, Dr. Jay M. Bernhardt, the BOT charges the College to seize this moment to chart a bold yet achievable path that embraces our values of inclusivity, diversity of thought, excellence, and fiscal responsibility. 

The strategic planning process shall actively engage all of Emerson’s diverse stakeholders, including faculty, staff, students, alumni, families, partners, boards, and the BOT. The strategic plan should address the opportunities and challenges facing Emerson College and higher education in general. We expect the process will assure an open-minded approach, free of the potential pitfalls of conventional thinking and the reverence of past practices and “sacred cows.” 

The BOT will support President Bernhardt and his team to produce our updated mission, vision, and strategic plan that are true to our values, clear and believable to our entire community, and effective as a measuring rod for the strategic and ethical elements of the plan. The strategic plan will offer an exciting yet realistic vision of what Emerson should be in the years ahead. 

As expressed in our bylaws, the BOT has primary responsibility for reviewing and refining Emerson’s mission and vision and ongoing oversight of the activity and performance of the administration. By carefully examining and then strongly affirming our mission and vision, the BOT will ensure aspirational destinations for our journey and touchstones for determining the best strategies and tactics intended to get us there. The BOT will remain engaged with the President throughout the planning process to ensure BOT support and approval and ensure the inclusion of the elements required for the BOT’s ongoing oversight.