Program Summary

There's no more challenging and exciting a time in journalism than now. With Emerson’s Journalism MA you will learn the core values of a profession that’s crucial to democracy even as you learn to meet the demands of professional multimedia storytelling. And there’s no better way to learn than to do. From the very beginning of the program, you will hit the streets and report, producing stories in text, audio and video.

Throughout your program, you will collaborate with your peers on digital storytelling. Working in a state-of-the-art newsroom and production facility, you will gain hands-on experience with industry-standard tools.

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Jump start your career with our 13-month, skills-oriented curriculum. With four of the ten courses (40 credits total) required for the degree online, you will have more flexibility in your busy schedule to complete your coursework when and where it is convenient for you. 

Courses start online in May, followed by two semesters on campus. The program culminates with a final 12-week summer capstone course online, and with an internship.

Summer (8 credits)

Number Course Credits
JR 602 Critical Perspectives (online) 4
JR 607 Reporting and Writing* (online)

*Students with an undergraduate degree in Journalism may be eligible to waive JR 607/Reporting and Writing if the degree was earned within the last five years with a GPA of 3.0 in the major or better. Students who believe they are eligible for this waiver should discuss it with the graduate program director. Waving this course does not change the total number of degree credits required.


Fall (12 credits)

Number Course Credits
JR 609 Visual Storytelling and Reporting  4
JR 637 Editing and Web Producing 4
JR 628 Law and Public Policy for Journalists 4

Spring (12 credits)

Number Course Credits
JR 612 Advanced Multimedia Reporting 4
JR 623 Data Visualization 4
JR 632 Long-Form Multimedia Storytelling 4

Summer 1 and 2, Online (8 credits): Capstone

Number Course Credits
JR 688 Capstone 4
JR 690 Internship 4

Elective Courses (Not Required)

Offered in the Spring and Fall

Number Course Credits
JR 695 Directed Project 4
JR 697 Directed Study 4

Capstone & Internships

Cross-Meda Portfolio Capstone

This culminating experience in your final semester consists of projects that demonstrate your ability to do professional work in reporting, writing, editing, and producing. It is designed to allow you to complete your professional portfolio of cross-media journalistic work. And it's online, giving you freedom to do your own time management.

Current graduate student capstone projects:



In your last semester, you will take an internship at a professional news organization anywhere in the country. Emerson students are known for their high-quality work, and are sought after by news organizations, from the Boston Globe to network news affiliates. Alumni, faculty and the Office of Career Development Center will help you find an internship to suit your professional goals.