Our certificate program is made up of 4 classes totaling 16 credit hours, and is 100% online. 

Required Courses (16 Credits)

Course Credits
Digital Marketing and Campaigns 4
Digital Storytelling & Branding 4
Online Consumer Behavior 4
Social & Mobile Marketing  4

Course Descriptions

Digital Marketing and Campaigns

This course will equip students to engage in digital-centric thinking, planning and implementation of a comprehensive marketing campaign. Students will learn how different roles on a digital marketing team work in unison to develop online content and programs that result in exceptional user experiences. The goal of the course is introduce digital best practices and to leverage these approaches in the development of a customer-centric digital marketing campaign that targets specific consumer segments through one or more digital interfaces.

Digital Storytelling & Branding

Storytelling in the digital environment differs from how it is approached and executed in traditional marketing. Research and data collection, story conceptualization, and reporting methods will be studied within a primarily digital communication strategy. Students will understand how to set message goals, evaluate various storytelling techniques, and produce stories relevant to different digital devices, audiences and brand strategies.

Online Consumer Behavior

Consumers behave and make purchase decisions online in a process unique from traditional marketing. The emphasis of this course is to learn how to identify processes and trends in online consumer behavior and influence that behavior. Students will understand how to bridge the connection between online and offline consumer behavior. Consumers' goals and fears will be examined to find psychological, emotional, logical and sociological explanations of behavior. Additionally, consumers' online search intentions and search engine optimization (SEO) will be examined and applied.

Social & Mobile Marketing

Marketing through the rapidly evolving network of new media devices and platforms requires a continuously adaptive skillset. Students will learn how to determine which new media selections best fulfill a marketing strategy. The unique advantages and challenges of the major social networks will be analyzed. Students will develop expertise in marketing through mobile devices with an emphasis on engaging specific target groups.