The Department of Marketing Communication in Emerson College’s School of Communication offers three graduate degree programs: an online Master of Arts (MA) in Business of Creative Enterprises, an online MA in Marketing, and an on-campus MA in Strategic Marketing Communication. The department also offers online certificate programs in Digital Marketing and Marketing Analytics.

Master’s Programs in the Department of Marketing Communication

Master of Arts in Business of Creative Enterprises (Online)

Students in the online MA in Business of Creative Enterprises program learn fundamental business skills that complement their creative fields, such as fashion, music, performance, and writing. The invaluable experience in strategic planning, finance, and marketing that students gain in the classroom will help them succeed in leadership roles in their industries.

Master of Arts in Marketing (Online)

In our social media and mobile-driven world, data and digital marketing have never been more vital. Students in the online MA in Marketing program will gain critical, in-demand skills and advance their career in marketing and advertising. With courses in digital campaigns, branding, web and predictive analytics, social and mobile marketing and advertising, customer segmentation, and more, graduates of this program develop the digital and analytic skills they need to compete in today's insight­-driven market.

Master of Arts in Strategic Marketing Communication

The on-campus MA in Strategic Marketing Communication provides students with the tools to understand how consumers think, make decisions, and act on these decisions. With two tracks to choose from—Creating Market Communication or Planning Market Communication—students can hone their skills in strategy or focus more on content creation and practice. Whichever track students choose, they'll be granted opportunities to work with clients, develop solutions to address consumer problems, and create initiatives that build strong bonds between organizations and their markets.

Certificate Programs in the Department of Marketing Communication

Certificate in Digital Marketing (Online)

Students gain high-demand skills in creative storytelling and data-driven strategy with our online Digital Marketing graduate certificate. They deepen their craft through real-world case studies, creative collaboration on projects, and lively class discussions on emerging topics.

Certificate in Marketing Analytics (Online)

Students with a background in data analytics can combine their existing knowledge with our online Marketing Analytics graduate certificate to strengthen their skill set and advance their career.