Entrepreneurial Studies Minor

Students in the Entrepreneurial Studies minor (E3) enroll in a yearlong experiential program followed by one elective. Students are required to take MB472 in the Fall semester and MB473 in the Spring semester (8 credits each) consecutively. These courses include a series of modules that include topics, such as ideation, ethics, marketing and PR, professional communication, law, finance, funding, leadership, management, and sales in the Fall Semester. The Spring semester is structured with a heavy concentration on individual mentoring and cohort interaction, as students develop their own business plans and create a 5-minute pitch in the Spring semester. The yearlong experience culminates with each student competing in the Expo pitch competition at the end of the Spring semester.
The Director of Business and Entrepreneurship Studies, a three-time entrepreneur herself, is the course instructor for the Entrepreneurial Studies program. Students also learn from multiple professional mentors with expertise in finance, PR, law and networking, as well as experiential visits to area startups and an entrepreneurial speakers series. In addition, E3 is proud to have a partnership with the MIT Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship.
E3 is a 20-credit minor open to all sophomores, juniors and seniors across all the college majors. Students must declare the minor and enrollment in the highly competitive program is limited.

MB 472 - Entrepreneurship I (Fall)

Topics include:

  1. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  2. Iterating & Prototyping an Idea
  3. Ethics and the entrepreneur
  4. Business strategy and planning
  5. Market research
  6. The customer journey
  7. Monetization models & Sustainability
  8. Marketing & PR for Entrepreneurs
  9. Selling and sales management
  10. Finance and funding
  11. Teamwork
  12. Social entrepreneurship

MB 473 - Entrepreneurship II (Spring)

Topics include:

  1. Business plans for non-profit, for-profit, and B-corporations
  2. Business networking, bartering & collaboration
  3. Professional writing
  4. Time management & Grit
  5. Startup Operations
  6. Choosing a co-founder
  7. Pivot strategy
  8. Entrepreneurs & the law
  9. Lessons learned along the way
  10. Preparation for the E3 Exposition

Students take one of these 4-credit elective course options after or simultaneously with MB472 (Fall) or MB473 (Spring)

Elective Courses for the Entrepreneurship Minor

Select one:

  • MB 300 - Managing Business Operations
  • MB 310 - Finance and Accounting
  • MB 371 - Topics in Business Studies
  • EC 310 - Internet Economics & Digital Media
  • CC 262 - Professional Communication
  • CC 308 - Online Content & Strategy
  • CC 315 - Intro to Non-Profit Communication
  • CC 316 - Non-Profit Fundraising Campaigns
  • CC 362 - Guerrilla PR
  • PB 303 - Web Development
  • MK 351 - Design & Layout


*BCE students are already taking MB310 Finance and Accounting, as a required course for their major, so they would have to take another elective course option from the list above.

The minor in Entrepreneurial Studies is open to any student in any major at Emerson College. Any questions can be directed to Professor Lu Ann Reeb at lu_ann_reeb [at] emerson.edu (lu_ann_reeb[at]emerson[dot]edu).