The Emerson College Film Festival

The Emerson Film Festival will take place this fall. We will be screening one two-hour program. As of this date we are planning for a virtual festival with a screening window and a live moderated discussion with filmmakers. This may change in response to the state of live activities on campus in the fall. These films will be selected by VMA faculty and the director of programming.

The Audience Award

We are offering a software package sponsored by the Boston Creative Pro User Group for the film that garners the highest rating from the audience. Like most festivals, there will be ballots at each screening where anyone in the audience can rate a film from 1 to 5. They will need to stay for the whole program in order to vote, but won't need to go to all three screening sessions. All selected films will be coached on audience building strategies.

Other Cash Awards

You will also be eligible for cash awards funded through alumni gifts.

Submission Requirements

  • Projects must be uploaded into Panopto or Vimeo.
  • Be sure to read the Panopto Upload Guide to properly compress and upload your video into Panopto.
  • Works-in-progress will be considered, provided they are at picture lock and will be completed prior to the festival. You will not be able to submit any additional cuts for consideration
  • Project must be initiated as an Emerson College student project (either in a class or co-curricular).
  • Works must be under 30 minutes and completed after December 2018 while a student at Emerson College.
  • All genres welcome! Send us your animation, music videos, documentaries, dramas, experimental work, comedies, science fiction and horror!
  • No limit on the number of submissions.
  • Please note, all submissions may be used in Emerson classes for instructional purposes.


We are no longer accepting entries at this time.