Compelling art can only come from a complete artist. Emerson’s Visual and Media Arts undergraduate programs combine foundational liberal arts courses with hands-on immersion in a range of media forms and production techniques.

Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts Production

The Department of Visual and Media Arts offers a curriculum designed to provide students with a comprehensive education in various media arts, including screenwriting, film, TV, sound design, interactive new media, game design, photography, and others.

Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies is for students who are interested in pursuing careers in media criticism, publishing, and industry research. The program provides you with a solid backing in the history, trends, and techniques of the visual and media arts.

Global Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Art

The Global BFA in Film Art is a joint degree program of Emerson College and Paris College of Art. In this one-of-a-kind program, students will benefit from the highest international standard of film and art education within an American academic framework.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Stage and Screen Design/Technology

The BFA in Stage and Screen Design/Technology provides students with the tools to work across the mediums of theatre, television, and film. This interdisciplinary program taught collaboratively with the department of Visual and Media Arts—one of the premier film schools in the United States—is one of the first undergraduate programs in the country to offer a complete degree in design for both stage and screen.