Compelling art can only come from a complete artist. Emerson’s Visual and Media Arts undergraduate programs combine foundational liberal arts courses with hands-on immersion in a range of media forms and production techniques.

Media Arts Production (BA)

The Department of Visual and Media Arts offers a curriculum designed to provide students with a comprehensive education in various media arts, including screenwriting, film, TV, sound design, interactive new media, game design, photography, and others. Students can pursue one of two tracks within this B.A. program: Production or Media Studies.

Film Art (Global BFA)

The Global BFA in Film Art is a joint degree program of Emerson College and Paris College of Art. In this one-of-a-kind program, students will benefit from the highest international standard of film and art education within an American academic framework.

Theatrical Design & Production (BFA)

The BFA in Theatrical Design and Production prepares students to enter the theatre industry as a professional in their craft: fluent in the language of design and technology, conversant in the tools they will encounter at theatres throughout the country, and with a strong understanding of the essentials of design.

Comedic Arts (BFA)

At Emerson, we believe that great comedy stems from a huge bank of knowledge. The BFA in Comedic Arts sustains an intense focus on comedy, while remaining rooted in the liberal arts by exposing you to a wide range of perspectives.


Capstone Project (BA)

The BA Capstone Project course welcomes and supports all types of production including, but not limited to, audio projects, animation, new media projects, scripts, documentaries, experimental film or video and narratives.

Photography (BFA)

Accepted students will have the opportunity to concentrate on a single photographically based project over the course of an entire academic year, and receive $500 in VMA department funding to complete their work.