Emerson College’s global partnership with Paris College of Art (PCA) is the first of its kind, combining the strengths of Emerson's renowned Visual and Media Arts program with the excellent studio art instruction from Paris College of Art. Located near Montmartre in the 10th arrondissement, PCA provides access to invaluable resources for students to create their projects.

About the Undergraduate Global BFA in Film Art Program

In our innovative Global BFA in Film Art program, students spend three academic years in France’s capital, where they will benefit from the highest international standard of film and art education within an American academic framework. Emerson is the first US college devoted to the arts, communication, and the liberal arts to offer an international bachelor's degree program in film art.

Film Art (Global BFA)

Our intercontinental joint Global BFA in Film Art spans venues in Paris, the Netherlands, and Boston. In this one-of-a-kind undergraduate program, you will not only study visual and media arts, but you will also receive a foundation in the liberal arts and French language.