The Emerson College Honors Program is an intellectual and creative community that integrates a challenging liberal arts curriculum and specialized study in the student's chosen field. Students accepted to the program receive individual advising and take interdisciplinary seminars that fulfill the College's general education requirements.

What Honors Brings

Honors education offers a sequence of interdisciplinary courses designed to encourage bright, independent students to achieve at their highest capacity. Honors Program students receive individual advising and take academically challenging interdisciplinary seminars that fulfill the College's general education requirements followed by advanced courses (colloquia and seminar) and culminating in an Honors thesis/project that relates critical and theoretical perspectives to their work.

Community of Learners

The program fosters strong bonds between students and faculty. Students enjoy a low student-to-faculty ratio in dedicated Honors seminars and are invited to special lectures and dinners. They also have the opportunity to interact with upper-class colleagues through mentoring.

In the senior year, students develop an Honors thesis, working individually with faculty advisors. They are eligible to apply for exclusive funds to support their thesis.

Students in the Honors Program are a unique community of interdisciplinary scholars honing their creative and intellectual capacities on the major challenges of our times. Beyond just understanding key drivers and consequences of these challenges, Honors students focus on making a difference by developing their own agency and making connections to advance participation in the decisions that shape our lives.