The Student Handbook outlines Emerson College’s expectations regarding student academic and co-curricular experience, highlighting the responsibilities the students and College have to each other. Emerson College is proud of our global community, we come together to be innovators, artists and educators. All Emersonians are expected to be responsible individuals who conduct themselves with high standards of honesty and integrity. Emerson’s philosophy is to maintain a creative and just culture that supports individual responsibilities in an educational living and learning environment. All students are responsible for reading and understanding the College’s expectations which are outlined in this handbook. Emerson reserves the right to change its expectations, regulations, modality of academic or other offerings, equipment, events and activities, access to facilities, and procedures as it sees fit; and does not guarantee that particular services, activities or facilities will be available.


The Emerson College Student Handbook is intended to be a general guide and resource for students. The College expects students to be familiar with the College’s expectations concerning membership in the Emerson community set forth in this guide. However, the guide is not a contract between the College and its students. The College has the right to change its policies, procedures, and sanctions at any time.