Honors Program Academic Policies

Last updated: August 2022

  1. Honors students are required to maintain a 3.3 (B+) minimum cumulative GPA in all courses collectively, and a 3.0 (B) minimum cumulative GPA in Honors Seminars.
  2. Any student whose GPA levels fall below these minimum requirements at the end of any given semester will receive a letter from the Honors Director notifying them of the resources available for required Academic Support for the following semester. Academic Support is an Honors Program-specific version of "Academic Notice" as outlined in the College's overall Academic Policy.
  3. The student will meet with the Honors Director to create a plan for Academic Support. This meeting will occur no later than the first two weeks of the following semester. The student will either present, or have assistance in designing and implementing, their plan for Academic Support.
  4. Academic Support can entail a variety of services, and the appropriate options and requirements will be decided by the Honors Director and the student, in consultation with the Honors Advisory Council as needed. The Academic Support plan may include (but is not limited to):
    • Writing and academic support through the WARC
    • Regular meetings with a faculty member or the Honors Director
    • Assistance from student support services (including SAS or EWC)
    • Specific class make-up work or completion of incomplete grades
      Academic advising meetings to discuss course of study, selection of classes
      Referrals to other campus offices including sources of financial assistance
      Peer mentorship

Students navigating circumstances outside of the classroom that are impacting academic performance are encouraged to make use of these student support resources:

We also recommend that you visit Emerson's ConcernCenter to find and connect with campus resources based on your various concerns. 

  1. After one semester on Academic Support, a student who remains below the required cumulative GPA again in any future semester will be selected for Academic Eligibility Review. Students subject to Academic Eligibility Review may (at the discretion of the Honors Director, advised by the Honors Advisory Council) be continued or returned to Academic Support status, or dismissed from the Honors Program.
  2. Ordinarily a student with three semesters of grades that fall below the required GPA will be dismissed from the Honors Program.
  3. Any student who maintains the required minimum GPA levels, but who receives a grade of C+ or lower in any course—including WF, WP, and I—will be contacted by the Honors Director to discuss and review available resources.
  4. If a student on Academic Support shows an upward trend and improved academic performance, then they may revise their Academic Support plan, in consultation with the Honors Director.
  5. Students in the Honors Program must fulfill all curricular and Honors Program requirements, including the Senior Thesis, in order to graduate with Honors. Students may not voluntarily withdraw from the Honors Program after they have completed 80 credits.
  6.  If a student decides to take a Leave of Absence (LOA) at any point during their time in the Honors Program, the student must follow the College LOA guidelines. The student must consult with the Director of the Honors Program in advance of the LOA and receive approval in writing, in order for the Trustees Scholarship to be reinstated upon the student's return to the College.